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Sunshine and Showers

We didn't really have time for visiting the surfing today. I will try to get to Kata Beach tomorrow. Saturdays are often a rather lazy family day... today there was time for a haircut (70 Baht at my local barbers in Kathu), noodles at a nearby noodle shop (see Noodles in Phuket), a drive up Buddha Mountain (again? well, my wife's cousin is visiting so we took her for a little tour) - see photo below. The sun was out in the morning, a beautiful morning up on the mountain - see photo below. The picture shows the mini Buddha which itself is "only" 12m high. The BIG Buddha which is slowly nearing completion is 45m high..

See Big Buddha - Getting Bigger...

The quite big Buddha Prayer time at the Big Buddha

There were a few clouds around, but no sign of rain...then as we drove home it suddenly poured down for 15 minutes. Very localised - our house was dry. Some mornings the heat builds up and it just HAS to rain. Now it's late afternoon - sunny again, but I see dark clouds building. Hardly any wind though...which can't be good for them surfers at Kata Beach!

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