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Calm Seas, Heat, Rain and Hazy Skies

Well, the vegetarian festival is all over (see Phuket Vegetarian Festival Photos) and the festival was mostly lucky with the weather. Only on Thursday night - I had thought of watching the "fire walking" at Sam Kong shrine, but the rain hammered down for an hour or so.

The weather right now is typical for the time of year in Phuket - the South West monsoon winds have stopped, but the North East winds have not picked up yet. Divers have reported flat calm seas, great conditions for scuba diving in Phuket and the Similan Islands.

There will be the occasional strong gusts. We went to Paradise Beach on Saturday for some food and beers and a play in the sea. In the late afternoon, the wind suddenly picked up and clouds appeared over the hills, threatening rain which never really came.

High season is certainly just about here. I can tell because I have been rushed off my feet the last few days in the dive shop! We can expect typical high season weather to take over soon - cool, clear mornings, hot days and balmy evenings. Today was very hazy and looks like rain on the way tonight.

Photos below showing Karon Beach and todays hazy weather...

Hazy skies over Karon Beach

Karon Beach Dog

Hazy Weather - Article in the Phuket Gazette

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