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I had rather hoped for some sunny days this week, but it seems the "rainy season" is hanging on by its fingernails and refuses to give up. This morning (Saturday) has started with rain and grey skies. The last couple of days have been like this... but there is hope. The winds are light and the WindGuru forecast suggests the winds are starting to switch to the North East, a sure sign of the coming high season - by next week things could look a whole lot better.

Yesterday we tried to get out and about. Weather was mostly agreeable. We drove round the North of Phuket, I wanted to try and find Manik Waterfall, but will have to try again. We found a small cascade up a very narrow steep road with great views, but I don't think this was the right place. We tried another road which led to Manik Temple and then led us round in a big circle through open land. There is a lot of very lush scenery in this area of Phuket. This area is between Surin Beach and the Heroines Monument. Another temple (Cherng Talay) is nearby.

Manik Temple, Phuket

Land in the Manik Area

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