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Getting Better ... Couldn't Get Much Worse

Riding home from work today on my bike I decided that a little sunshine would be nice about now. Too many wet evenings for my liking. We have seen some rays of sun over the last couple of days, leading me to become all optimistic like Paul McCartney singing "It's Getting Better All The Time", but then the skies darken and I become John Lennon muttering "Couldn't Get Much Worse". Well, it COULD get worse, I mean, the winds are pretty light - though there was some heavy surf over the weekend and the Phuket Gazette reported a couple of people drowned off the beaches, it's mostly just a bit of rain, but things are a bit grey and depressing right now!

I didn't take any photos the last few days. Just imagine a dark grey sky and a feeling of damp. Can't last much longer. The dive season is up and running, and offshore the conditions are better. The rain tends to hang around the mainland and you can actually have a nice day out at sea.

The Windguru forecast looks better later in the week, but maybe getting windier and wetter again earlier next week. The latest satellite picture shows less cloud around. We shall see... I want to have a days diving this week, so please be sunny!

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