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Looks like High Season is here now. A little earlier than normal, though I was rather hoping for last week to be sunny for my holidays. Of course, wouldn't you know it, as soon as I get back to work, sunny skies, blue skies, no rain, perfect weather. The best day of my week off was Sunday - finally! A lovely day to go out. We took the kids and met some friends at Phuket Zoo. It's very cheap for us locals to get in, so we go often. We watched the monkey show and the crocodile show and fed the fish in a little garden. Weather was warm but with a breeze blowing - on a really hot day the zoo can be sweltering. ##Update 2013 - we don't recommend the zoo anymore.

Rather obvious sign at the zoo

Then we went to the pool at Land and Houses Park, which had a special reopening day - free food and free entry. Great! Well, the beer wasn't free, but the pool there is very nice, great for the kids and great for adults to relax with a drink and enjoy watching their kids have fun.

Karon Beach, 9th October

The last 3 days - back at work and busy. And of course the sun is out, the weather is great. Mother Nature you sly dog. Karon Beach started looking busy again this week and teams of workers were cleaning up ready for high season. Dive trips to the Similan Islands have started, the weather forecast is good, and everyone in Phuket is hoping for a good high season.

Karon Clean up - 9th October

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is due to start on the 11th, well actually on the night of the 10th. From the 11th to the 19th, I will try my best to eat the Jae food (vegetarian) and refrain from intoxicating substances. Hope to get out and take lots of photos which will appear on My Phuket Blog...

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