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Not waving but drowning

Well, yesterday was hazy, but today has turned out very wet indeed. There is a low pressure sytem ove SE Asia and it seems to be blotting out most of Thailand. As I write this (3:30pm) the rain is hammering down here at Karon Beach and I wouldn't be surprised to see some minor flooding here and there. It's also very dark. There is a weather waring in place for the east coast of Thailand, but not for here. Sea is not rough and we had divers out today who got no rain until they got back to Phuket.

The Thai Meteorological Department 7 day forecast is for "Widespread rain and isolated heavy rainfall".

Sky over Karon, 23rd October

Karon Place Hotel, 23rd October

Rain and Temple, 23rd October

Not waving but drowning  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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