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Rain and Shopping

Sometimes you just gotta hate the weather! I'm on holiday, but the rain Gods don't seem to care. The last 2 days have been mostly wet and on Sunday in particular, most of the people of Phuket responded to the weather by partaking in a tradition as old as the We joined them. As the rain pounded on the rooftops, we strolled around Index and HomePro looking for some shelves and cupboards. Sorry kids, a bit dull for you.

We promised swimming pools and beaches for Monday - oh dear, rain again. So, another good day to "get jobs done". We have invested 10,990 Baht (plus it will be 790 Baht per month) in a wireless internet set up from the C.A.T. Works very well. Finally! A decent internet connection!

Monday evening - skies are still cloudy and grey...but you know - when skies are cloudy and grey, they're only grey for a day. So wrap your troubles in dreams and dream your troubles away.

Here's a lotus flower in our garden to cheer up anyone under grey skies...

Lotus flower at my house, 1st October

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