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Sun and Dinosaurs

Normally we avoid the touristy side of Phuket, which is obvious from the majority of articles on my Phuket Blog (see Jamie's Phuket). We live here, we are not tourists! I guess as time goes by we might try a few more of the "tourist attractions". Yesterday, with the sun high in the sky, light winds and the beaches looking calmer than of late, we took the kids to the Dino Park Mini Golf in Kata. Actually they had been before with my wife and my mother when she was here in February.

Anyway it was a hot day. The Mini Golf is very lush and green and very humid! We all got rather sweaty and dashed round the corner to the nearest 7-11 for drinks right after completing the 18 holes of dinosaurs and caves.

Dino Park

Today started sunny, but our son was sick last night (probably as a result of the rapid change in weather - I have a chesty cough too) so plans for a full day out were abandoned. Mid afternoon it suddenly clouded over and the rain fell in sheets for a few minutes.

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