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Well, it's Nearly High Season Weather

Still some rain to come. The SouthWest monsoon has not given up completely yet. Winds are light, but we have had a bit of isolated heavy rain over the last few days.

Thursday last week (11th) was a sunny day with clear skies in the evening - the vegetarian festival started (Read more here: Phuket Vegetarian Festival Begins) and we took a walk to get some food in Kathu Village near our house.

Kathu Village Shrine - 11th October

Friday, by contrast, started grey and wet and continued that way all morning, only getting bright in the afternoon. Saturday was very similar - a wet start, but we were able to enjoy the afternoon at the pool with the kids. While we were enjoying the pool, I see from the news that flash floods may have killed several tourists in Khao Sok - see Bangkok Post.

Sunset near our house, 13th October

The Windguru site shows the changing seasons very well. You can tell by the wind direction that things are a little mixed up right now. The wind forecast for today looks like this (from 07:00 - 14:00)

This morning was very bright, the beach at Karon is looking calm, might be OK for a beach dive later this week. I stopped on the way to Karon at Wat Ladthiwanaram, near Chalong - One of many smaller local temples in Phuket and certainly worth 15 minutes of your time of you happen to be passing...

Wat Ladthiwanaram, 14th October

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