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A bit grey

The last few days have been quite grey. Not much sun, not much rain, not much to report! It has been feeling kind of chilly to me, with maximum temperatures only 26 - 28°C and with light winds from the North, which is where they should come from at this time of year. Last weeks wet weather was due to SW winds, probably the final hurrah for the SW Monsoon for this season. Now we enter the "cool" season, and one would imagine that within a few days we'll get the typical clear skies and fresh mornings associated with this season.

The chilly weather combined with a little rain has left me with a slight cold.. well, it's more serious than that - I'm a man... I have a Man Cold.

The changing seasons are good for scuba diving. We've had boats returning from Hin Daeng (to the south of Phuket) who have been diving with Manta Rays, the calm seas allowing easy access to remote offshore dive sites. High season is just about here now. Last night we decided we'd better start keeping the dive shop open until 7pm, as the tourist season starts and more people are wandering around looking to book day trips and dive courses. Everyone hopes for a busy season with great diving! Reports from customers so far are very encouraging - lots of marine life, big fish, turtles, schools of barracuda, it's all out there!

For more information about diving in the Phuket area, contact Sunrise Divers Thailand Diving Trips.

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