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Don't Mess with Mother Nature

Before continuing with weather reports (the last few days have been quite nice and sunny in Phuket, by the way), I'd like to take a time out. I am sure people know that some areas of Phuket, notably Patong Beach, are getting somewhat overdeveloped. One of the points of my other blog (Jamie's Phuket) is to show some of the quieter places in Phuket, the places that I and my family enjoy. We don't often go near Patong Beach. It was a busy place 8 years ago when I arrived in Phuket. Now it's just crazy. Development is heading up into the hills, and is largely uncontrolled. Last week, Mother Nature delivered a warning, and thankfully nobody was killed when, following heavy rain, a landslide exposed the foundations of buildings on the hill on a side road. See photo below from the Phuket Gazette:

Landslide in the hills near Patong Beach, Photo from Phuket Gazette

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