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High Season is Here! Not!

There are certainly signs of high season weather - light winds, cool nights... but where is the sunshine?? Today has been another largely grey and wet day, with very heavy rain this morning for a couple of hours, though the rest of the day was dry (but grey). Seas are calm, and you are less likely to get wet offshore than here on the mainland. The weather radar shows a fair amount of rain around the region, while the Wind Guru forecast shows signs of the NE winds settling in very soon and starting to strengthen - this hopefully means dry, cool, sunny weather and soon! The NE winds can blow quite strong, but these winds carry little rain. Once the NE Monsoon starts to blow, we can say for certain that the low season weather has gone. Soon, please. The rain is starting to annoy me.

Too wet to work

(above) Building workers near our house. Too wet to work.

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