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Nothing but Blue Skies (and a bit of drizzle)

The weather in Phuket continues hot and sunny, high season is here, streets and beaches suddenly busy, dive boats have full trips, everyone's smiling. The change was really noticeable to me at the weekend. The "real" high season starts after November 15th when charter flights start and the families and old folks start appearing. Mind you, here in Karon Beach there is a big mixture - there are cheap guesthouses, smaller family run hotels and big resorts so we see all kinds of tourists. Within 5 minutes walk of Karon Plaza you can find rooms from 300 Baht up to 300 dollars and more per night.

There was a bit of light rain yesterday afternoon and evening, but today has been all sunny again. It'll be the weekend again soon! My daughter has been on a school field trip.. I hope she put some sunscreen on. I don't have much time now for taking photos. Todays picture shows the entrance to Karon Plaza where I can be found most days...

Karon Plaza, 21st November

Nothing but Blue Skies (and a bit of drizzle)  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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