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OK, thank you. That's enough rain now.

The last few days have been mostly pretty nice, at least for part of the day. I think Thursday had no rain at all, but yesterday and today have had a similar pattern - bright, sunny, fresh mornings, then rain in the afternoon ruining my plans for photos and visting exciting places.

Yesterday, part of the morning was taken up visiting the bank to arrange some important details about the loan we took for some land. Of course, it was sunny and warm all morning. As I drove along Karon Beach around 10:30am, the weather was great and I thought about stopping off for a quick look at the "Swatch FIVB Beach Volley World Tour 2007" event which has been going on the last few days. But I was already late for work and it IS high season now, so every day is busy. I figured I'd go back at lunchtime... Wrong! The afternoon was mostly wet, darn it.

The volleyball finals are tomorrow, so if you are in Phuket, still a chance to watch some top class beach volleyball action. I hope for some sun and I'll take a ride along Karon Beach to watch a bit tomorrow.

World Volleyball tour on Karon Beach, Phuket - photo from the FIVB website

More Photos of the Phuket Volleyball Competition on the FIVB Website

Today was like a mirror image of yesterday, except I was not working. Morning was sunny, but (being a day off) we awoke lazily, did our errands (shopping at Tesco Lotus) and then set off for an afternoon by the pool at "Land and Houses Park" near Chalong. Unfortunately, the flipping rain started again. My daughter was most distraught, even when I tried to explain that daddy can't control the rain. We took a drive to Rawai Beach (also wet) hoping the rain would stop and we could go back to the pool. Rain did stop for a couple of hours, but only after we got home with 2 sleeping kids in the car!

Rawai, 3rd November

Rawai Beach, 3rd November

(above) A rather damp Rawai Beach (Saturday 3rd November 2007)

Still wet and grey this evening. I wanted to head for Patong with the family to see what's happening tonight - the Phuket Carnival is taking place - this is the last night, but I guess we'll just stay home and eat dinner as the drizzle falls outside :( There is a flood warning in place for Southern Thailand this weekend, though I don't think we've had that much rain here in Phuket, it's more a problem in the Gulf of Thailand.

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