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Still raining in Phuket, but Koh Samui is worse!

I need some sun! Too many grey, wet days make for a miserable Monk... but we know the real high season weather is just around the corner so we can look forward to tomorrow with a song in our hearts. Come on the sun! The sea is actually pretty calm - you can check the latest conditions at Karon Beach by looking at this Web Cam.

The rain is everywhere at the moment. Koh Samui is worse than Phuket with floods closing the airport - see report in the Bangkok Post. You can keep up with the weather in Koh Samui by checking Camille's Koh Samui Weather Blog.

It's 11am now, not raining... if I see any sunshine I will leap outside and take a photo. Too many wet pictures recently!

Still raining in Phuket, but Koh Samui is worse!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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