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Yes, it's sunny in Khao Lak too!

The good weather in Phuket continues as expected. No excitement to report... But who's complaining? Not me! It has been a little bit hazy over the last few days, and there have actually been some small waves at the beaches - this being the last trace of the South West monsoon. The BBC reported that the final monsoon rains had gone from SW India a few days ago, and so now we can expect really calm beaches and a steady North East wind starting to blow, keeping temperatures a bit lower - maximum might struggle to hit 30°C! Chilly!

I've been up to Khao Lak today to meet a few dive centers and see some dive boats. See report and photos on Sunrise Divers Blog: Trip to Thap Lamu and Khao Lak. Was very warm at Thap Lamu port which is where many boats depart from on Similan Islands tours. In Khao Lak we found a tasty inexpensive lunch and had a look around. I don't know what to make of Khao Lak. There's just not much there except hotels and a few side streets. If you blink as you drive up the main road you could miss Khao Lak completely... so it's good if you want a quiet place to stay. Photos below of beaches in Khao Lak in the sunshine today...


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Yes, it's sunny in Khao Lak too!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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