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Beautiful Day - But no snow in Phuket

I guess if you're an Aussie you might be used to Christmas BBQ's, but I grew up with cold winter days, Christmas carols and mince pies. Thai people don't "do" Christmas, and even after 8 years here, this time of year feels odd. Sure I have been to some Christmas dinners, and since we've had kids we have given them presents at Christmas, we have a tree etc... but it's not the same as when I was a kid!

Today was a beautiful blue-skied, clear sunny day. We did some work in the garden, we did some shopping (including some presents), we ate tasty home cooked food and in the late afternoon went for a walk at Chalong Jetty. The jetty is around 700 meters long so a walk to the end and back is at lease some exercise!

Moon over Chalong Bay

Longtail boats at Chalong Bay

It was nice to have a day off today - tomorrow is going to be a busy one at Sunrise Divers. This is peak season for tourism. Despite this we'll be closed on Christmas Day too, so my next day off is not far away!

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