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A few minutes ago I felt my desk shake and saw the lamp wobbling. There were 3 other poeple in the shop, they did not feel anything.. then my wife Skyped me - she had felt the house shaking. This was about 12:25pm local time. I am watching the news channels for information.

Weather in Phuket is beautiful by the way. Warm and sunny, light winds.

The quake confirmed on the USGS Website, Magnitude 5.3, epicenter near Banda Aceh:

Today's Quake (USGS Website)

Not big enough to worry about, but I did feel it, honest! Nothing on any news channels about it, but having been through the events of 3 years ago, I can be a little twitchy. There were memorial services this week (see Phuket Gazette) marking the 3rd anniversary of the you-know-what. I wrote some time ago about my thoughts and experiences of the events of December 26th 2004 - see Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3.

If you're here in Phuket right now, hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Happy New Year!

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