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Four Seasons in One Day?

Sometimes you just gotta love tropical weather. Phuket at this time of year is almost guaranteed to be lovely. Last year was a bit odd, wetter than normal, but this year is treating us to the blue skies, fresh mornings, hot (but not too hot) days, cool (relatively speaking) nights...

This morning I stopped with my wife and 2 year old son at Kata Beach and wished we could stay there all morning. As every little wave came in, the little boy ran away shouting "Monster coming!". The sand was soft, the air fresh... Just an hour earlier it had been raining so I had left the bike at home and we all came in the car, dropping my daughter at school first. The rest of the day has been warm and sunny.

Yesterday was just as nice. I stopped at Karon Beach to take a few photos...

Longtail boats off Karon Beach

Getting those noisy things ready

Karon Beach in the morning before the tourists claim their chairs...

All the sunshine hides the occasional thunderstorm... after the big one on Sunday I was not expecting another one... but on Tuesday night I got absolutely drenched riding my motorbike home, had to creep along the side of the road at 25kph and cursed the weather gods. I'd hate to have to buy another car, so wasteful of fuel and money! It's just a few days a year when I have to grin and bear it. Hopefully not many more in the next 5 months of the high season here in Phuket.

"Smiling as the sh*t comes down
You can tell a man from what he has to say" (Crowded House, 4 Seasons in 1 Day)

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