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Phuket Weather 2008!

A quick summary of 2008 weather. Aside from being rather under the weather (meaning unwell) I have been very busy the last few days since this is peak season for tourism and diving. Everyone comes at the same time and then get disappointed when trips are fully booked. I reckon the best time to come for diving is February - April when the weather is hot, seas are calm and the peak season is over.

So, finally today there's time for a quick update of the weather and a chance to say Happy New Year to Phuket Weather Blog readers. Thanks for stopping by.

Today has been mostly hot, sultry and with light winds. The heat released itself with a thunderstorm late in the afternoon, but we had thankfully already been swimming (well, playing in the water with the kids). It had been quite windy earlier in the week, especially just after New Year. The North East winds can blow hard sometimes, making seas a bit rough for smaller boats, but not really affecting the main tourist beaches, which all face west.

Very little rain so far in January, the days have been hot with blue skies, some cloud cover - about what you'd expect really. From now until April things slowly get hotter and calmer, building up to an inferno which is only doused by the change of the seasons which happens sometime in May in a normal year.

Hope you are having a Happy New Year! 2007 was a good one, 2008 is going to be even better! You can see a review of 2007 on Jamie's Phuket...

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