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Sunshine and Flowers

This is the time of year when almost every day is the best day of the year. The sun has got his hat on, light winds caress the land, blue skies spread happiness.. Mind you, in the heat of the day you do start to think - damn, I wish I'd parked my car in the shade. Air con on full blast and still my daughter wants me to turn the sun off.

The Sky, as seen today

(above) The Sky, today in Phuket

If you are on holiday in Phuket and have come from some cold European Winter, you are unlikely to be complaining about the heat! Indeed, I learned years ago not to moan about being too hot, too sweaty, too humid... I stayed in Utila (Honduras) for a year and a half, and decided the heat was too much... a week after returning to England, I knew I was wrong and got out the Lonely Planet Thailand guide... That was 8 years ago.

Today has been perfect weather. Not that we've done much exciting - had to take a shelf unit outside and woodstain it to prevent mould... been to Index looking for spoons. Our dinner spoons have been going walkabout. Gremlins? Now it's late afternoon, our son is having a nap in the aircon, my wife has taken our daughter to a birthday party for another girl who I don't know.. and I have been out in the garden taking photos of orchids. We like orchids... Enjoy!


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