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Sunshine and Happiness

Another beautiful day. January is a great month for weather in Phuket. Blue skies are normal, but you have a slightly cooling NE wind so the days are not too hot. The heat can build up and create occasional isolated thunderstorms now and then - yesterday looked like one of those days. As we prepared our garden for our son's 3rd birthday dark clouds were growing, but by late afternoon the sky was almost clear again and the moon was smiling down on us. I had a "proud dad" moment last night, sometimes can't quite believe how life has turned out. My kids are the best, cleverest, most beautiful in the world :)

Having a party did involve a few drinks, so today I was glad to head round the corner to the Pineapple Guesthouse for an English Breakfast - feeling much better now!

Chalong Temple

Stopped briefly at Chalong Temple on the way to Karon Beach - many firecrackers were being set off and the temple was already busy with visitors at 9:30am. It's the largest temple in Phuket, but if you want peace and quiet, try some of Phuket's other temples.

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