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Very, very nice weather in Phuket!

I tell you the weather doesn't get any better. I really must get out and take a photo... but if you don't believe me just check the Karon Beach Webcam (and remember that Thailand is GMT +7 - if it's dark here you can't see much).

Hopefully there will be time tomorrow to get out with the camera. I'd like to visit Kata Temple, not too far from work, preferably with some beautiful afternoon light. But we are rather busy right now, since it's high season. I barely have time to dash out for some Phad Thai at lunchtime!

This afternoon was cut short by a phone call from home. My 3 year old boy had fallen over and possibly broken his little finger. At least my wife said he was in a lot of pain and the finger was swollen. So off I dashed to meet them at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital, where he was born just over 3 years ago. By the time I got there, the doctor was finishing off the dressing on the splinted finger and baby boy was fast asleep. The doctor said he has a high pain threshold. That's my boy!

Oh, can I just say again. Nice weather.

Very, very nice weather in Phuket!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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