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Wish you were here?

Phuket is a great place to live and settle down. You can have the "tropical lifestyle", great food, low cost of living compared to "back home", great weather, plus Phuket is not some dusty back country town. Here you have good schools, good infrastructure, quality shopping, excellent medical care etc... Nice for a holiday, even better to stay for ever!

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As I was saying... great weather. yes you have some cr*ppy days in the low season sometimes, but not as much bad weather as some people think. You can check the archive links for reports back to May 2006, or see Sunrise Divers Phuket Weather page for older reports back to 2004.

Weather last few days - sunny, warm, some haze. A clear night sky last night was followed by a clear blue-skied morning. I went out to take some photos at Wat Naka on the edge of Phuket town, near the Talad Sot Mai (new fresh market). I will head down this way again to take market photos. There are also a lot of interesting old shops along Chao Fa Road near here.

Naka Temple

Buddha image at Naka Temple

Tonight we are going out for a nice meal at The Ninth Floor restaurant, a bit flashier than our normal, but it's a company dinner, lovely! They say the steak is very good.. and the wine...

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