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Back to normal weather in Phuket

Yesterday was dry, still a bit hazy, but today has been bright and sunny from sunup to sundown. The morning was clear and fresh, the day warm but with a slight breeze and the 2 grey days on Sunday and Monday have been forgotten. Mr Blue Sky is back.

Being too busy and (I admit) too lazy to go to the beach and take a photo, I grabbed a screenshot from the Karon Beach Webcam, cropped it and saved it... not bad for a webcam photo. Looks like a nice sunset today:

Sunset, Karon Beach, 27th February

Mr Blue Sky - great song by ELO. Last night I was surfing YouTube and found all kinds of music and more - wrote about it on my "Monk in Thailand" blog here: YouTube Rocks!

So lets add another music video here. Mr Blue Sky.

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