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Fair Weather in Phuket

Of course all the blue skies and hot weather we have had this week led to a big old thunderstorm on Friday night. Winds picked up, rain didst pour and lightning did light up the night sky. It was all over in 20 minutes. Saturday was once again hot and sunny. The morning started at a friend's new house where Monks were giving blessings and saying prayers.

Prayers for the new house

When the prayers were complete, firecrackers were set off outside...

Firecrackers Boom!

We headed off for a quick brunch at a restaurant called Leelawadee that we visit quite often. Rather annoyed to find they have upped their prices again... We then visited the Chalong Temple Fair, a large market that takes place yearly at Chalong Temple (the largest temple in Phuket) and dates back more than 50 years. You can find food stalls, clothes, handicrafts, furniture, side shows, live music in the evenings, and much more. We didn't buy much more than some cashew nuts, a few drinks and a spiderman outfit for our son! Well worth a look - last day will be 12th February.

Today (Sunday) is hot and sunny again. Happy Holidays!

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