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Raining in Phuket in February?

Must be a bad dream. So much for Jamie's Phuket Weather Blog! So much for saying "we've never had it so good"! And I just replied to an email (fan mail?) a couple of days ago too saying "Don't worry, it'll be sunny every day!"... Yesterday started out hazy, got hazier, then got darker. At that point I wondered if the "haze" might be cloud. The previous night (Saturday) had been warm, the sky had not cleared, leaving a muggy feeling in the morning. Some light rain fell in the late afternoon, nothing serious, but anyway - rain in February? The winds have died down completely now - WindGuru is showing zero wind! So we might be in for a few sticky days.

Today was mostly very nice, but again we have had some light rain in the evening. Indeed its been drizzling for a few hours now - should clean things up nicely. Local weather radar shows a fair amount of rain around.

So what better to do on a cold wet night (well, I'm kidding about the cold) than enjoy some good home cooking - see below: Green Curry and Tom Yum with Shrimp. Aroy Mak! You can hope for sunshine, but you can always guarantee finding great food here in Thailand!

Green Curry Tom Yum

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