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Sun and Markets

You can pretty much take it as read that the weather has been good for the last few days. The hottest, sunniest time of year is starting now, but there is a chance of a thunderstorn now and then. Yesterday started very hazy, got very hot, but I had a feeling the rain would come later. In the afternoon we visited the weekend market on the edge of Phuket town near Naka Temple. It's a popular market selling clothes, some secondhand goods and lots of food.

Fruit stall at the weekend market

Insects for sale at the weekend market

Get your corn here

There was rain yesterday evening for a couple of hours around Phuket town. Today has seen blue skies all day with the air cleared by the rain, and the beach was busy with holidaymakers enjoying Phuket's perfect weather :)

Karon Beach, 3rd February

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