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Weather Satellite Images of Thailand and SE Asia

There are a number of good weather satellite images on the web, which will give you a pretty good idea of the local weather in the region and track any storms that may be threatening our shores. Phuket doesn't really get storms, though. Tropical cyclones affect the western Pacific ocean and sometimes reach as far west as Cambodia. Only one time since I have lived here (8 years) has a storm looked like reaching Thailand, which was called Muifa, back in November 2004. It turned North just before reaching us.

Satellite Image of SE Asia, 14th February

(above) Todays Satellite Image - yes, it's sunny in Phuket. Happy Valentines Day.

Most of the Satellite images cover the entire SE Asia region from Burma to Northern Australia. Here's a few that I like to check:

Thai Meteorological Department
Singapore National Environmental Agency (Satellite Image Home Page)
Digital Typhoon (Animation)
UK Met Office - Asia Satellite

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