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Bluer than the Blue Stone of Galveston

What a beautiful day! The sky is very very blue indeed. I can only hope for the same tomorrow, since today I have been working, whereas tomorrow is a day off, and also my daughters graduation... from kindergarten (a bizarre concept, but I we are proud parents nonetheless).

Weather can't get much better and we still have that breeze blowing from the northeast to cool things down. Once the wind stops, the heat really starts. Reports from divers in the Similan Islands say the waters are super clear, great visibility, great diving conditions. I really must get out there soon instead of staying in the office every day "organising" things.

I did manage a "photo op" while on the way to work. I took the side road that leads past Phuket Zoo and down the the coastline on Chalong Bay. Down this road are a number of seafood restaurants such as Parlai Seafood, Nai Yao Seafood, Phongphang Seafood and Prantalay Seafood, all right by the water. The photos below were all taken infront of Prantalay Seafood this morning. Very peaceful down there by the water.

Longtail boats in Chalong Bay

Fisherman and longtail boats

Fisherman heading out into the bay

Macro photo of a little crab

Bluer than the Blue Stone of Galveston  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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