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March Sunshine in Phuket

There was a darkening of the skies yesterday afternoon, but nothing happened. The last few days have been hot and sunny with a breeze still blowing from the Northeast, which I have to say is unusual for mid March, but the alternative is super hot windless days. Windguru shows winds of 13 - 14 knots, but predicts the winds dying off by next week. Meanwhile, back "home" in the UK... see storm photos on the BBC.

This morning I drove through Patong (had to go to the bank), but on the way took a detour along the ultimate back road which winds over the hills. I blogged about the road before - see Take The High Road. Great views from up here, would make a good mountain bike ride or even a good hike. A bit hard going on my Honda Wave!

View over Kathu area, Phuket
(above) View over Kathu

The back road in the hills

(above) View over Patong

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