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OK, Now it's hot.

Over the last few days the thermostat has been turned up. Today has been an oven, but I'll be off down the beach soon for a few cold drinks. There has actually been some rain. I woke up on Thursday morning to see the car was wet. Never noticed the rain falling in the night, must have crept in stealthily. In the afternoon my wife said there had been some heavy rain in Kathu, but in Karon we had nothing but sunshine and a few wisps of cloud (well, maybe more than a wisp, but certainly it never looked like raining).

I took a little walk along Karon Beach in the midday sun today. Beach full of roasting tourists, trying to get some tan to take back to the cold and dark days in Europe. The beach was looking good...


OK, Now it's hot.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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