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The last few days I have hardly noticed the weather. I'm sure there has been some, but it's all a bit of a blur. With the northeast winds barely blowing, things have become a bit hot and humid. There's been some sun, some cloud and some rain too, but nothing serious, just the odd small thunderstorm and some low cloud. My wife and a friend went up Buddha Mountain again on Thursday and the views were completely obscured as the top of the hill was in the clouds.

Today started sunny but there was a fair old downpour in the afternoon almost ruining a kids birthday party that we went to. I guess this kind of weather might continue for a few more days yet before the real "hot season" starts.

What has been of interest in Thailand over the last few days has been the political climate. With the elections completed in December, the PPP won the majority vote. Some people say the PPP is nothing more than a proxy for Thaksin and the banned Thai Rak Thai. I really don't get into politics. Never did. Yes, I voted a couple of times in England, but never really had any real interest in British politics.

He's Baaaack

One does start to wonder why there was a coup... what has been achieved? Now Thaksin is back and he has lots of support, "his" party is in power, the liberals and democrats, though they may have pretty faces, are outvoted. We seem to be back exactly where we were before September 19th 2006!

Which way will the political wind blow next? It might be time for me to take my head out of the rabbit hole and pay attention. There are several blogs which report on news and politics such as Bangkok Pundit, The Lost Boy, the Bangkok Bugle, or you can check the good old BBC, or Thai news sources such as The Nation, Bangkok Post or MCOT.

Let's hope for sunshine.

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