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Sun, Hills and Food in Phuket

The heat is on! Gas Mark 4. Were you born on the sun? It's damn hot! Well, not too bad, though I had a number of British customers mention the heat today. Rather here than there... snow at Easter?

The weekend was warm. Saturday was one of those lazy days. Get up late. Lie down again, go shopping, have a lie down... Finally dragged the family out to Phuket Town, down to Sapan Hin for the Phuket Food Festival (on now! last day is the 28th). All kinds of food stalls, and some live entertainment too!

Phuket Food Festival

There's great scuba diving around Phuket at this time of year. We have been very busy the last week especially with liveaboard departures to the Similan Islands. Hardly time to catch a breath some days! If you want to dive in this area, check out Sunrise Divers...

Today has been busy again, I need a cold beer. On the way to Karon this morning I took a small detour. Atop the hill between Chalong and Kata you find a place called Plub Pla, which was a restaurant and hilltop resort, but never ever seemed busy. It's closed and for sale now. If I had enough money I'd like to buy it. Would need a lot of money. Great views from up there, very peaceful and the resort is wonderfully landscaped. Who can lend me a million? (and I mean pounds, not Baht!)

View from Plub Pla looking towards Chalong and Phuket Town

View over Kata town from Plub Pla

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