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Blue Skies in Phuket

It's a mystery to me why the main tourist season in Phuket is over by the end of March. Many package tours and big overseas tour agents only sell Phuket from November to March, but in my book April is one of the best months to be here.. so long as you can stand the heat! It's also a great month for scuba diving, the best time of year to find whalesharks in the Andaman Sea. Plus April is Songkran month! In Phuket, Songkran is a public holiday from 13th - 15th, with the main festival day being the 13th. People will visit their local temple and then it's a full day of water throwing. I think this year we might just stay home and rest.. last year we had a busy Songkran, visiting Mai Khao beach for a turtle release and then taking a walk/drive around Patong beach.

Songkran 2007 Photos

The weather has been hot and sunny the last few days. Very hot. A few heavy showers too with a bit of thunder thrown in. All that heat has to go somewhere and sudden isolated thunderstorms are not uncommon. They are very isolated - 2 times last week my wife told me there had been heavy rain at home in Kathu, while Karon beach stayed dry all day. Yesterday afternoon we had some thundery showers, but still managed an evening walk at Chalong Jetty.

This morning I stopped at Karon Temple to take a couple of quick photos. No sign of rain yet today, the sky is bright blue and there's just a light breeze blowing. Perfect.

Karon Temple Karon Temple

By contrast, the photos below were taken this very morning in the south of England (Crawley, West Sussex to be precise) by my parents. Another world.

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