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The Ever Changing Sky

I am a big fan of the sky. Blue or grey, the sky is a wonder. On a clear day, the blue is perfect. No wonder I was a Manchester City fan as a kid. A few white clouds make the sky picture perfect. Darker clouds loom and take on shapes (who hasn't played a game with the shape of clouds?). Dark skies are exciting. Really dark skies have enormous power...

The sky has been very changeable here the last few days. Yesterday morning was a wet one with grey rainclouds seemingly covering the whole island. But by lunchtime, the clouds were all gone, burned away by the sun.

Road near Phuket Town, 8th April

Today has been a real blue sky day again. No sign of rain anywhere. And HOT. I was sweating at 8:30am. Tempted to go home for another shower, but instead dashed to the office and turned the aircon down to 24 degrees, removed shirt, drank half a liter of fruit juice and slowly bodily function returned to normal!

Blue Skies again, Karon Plaza Shrine, 9th April

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