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Man it's a Hot One.

Even though the nighttime temperature can drop to around 24 - 25 degrees C, the morning sun heats things up very quickly. At 8am, there was dew on the car. At 9am, I was walking around at Sapan Hin sweating. One of those days when the locals are saying it's hot, so you know it's really hot. If you want to take a walk in the "cool" morning air, do it before 9 o'clock!

Sapan Hin is an area in the south of Phuket Town, by the sea. Mostly it's reclaimed land, and there was building work going on to shore up seaward defenses. At Sapan Hin you find sports facilities, a Muay Thai stadium, a chinese shrine, an exercise park, and lots of open spaces where festivals take place. To one side is a canal used by small local fishing boats. Local people come down to Sapan Hin for exercise or to just sit by the nearest shoreline to the town.

Fishing boats at Sapan Hin

Sapan Hin Mining Monument

Man it's a Hot One.  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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