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Meteorologico Phuket... Scorchio!

As (kind of) predicted on Thursday, the particularly wet weather on that day was indeed a false start to the low season. Not a great day to be out on the sea, but it only lasted a day. Friday was much nicer, I didn't see any rain, it was a much warmer day and I hoped it could last.. I normally take Saturdays off, you see. Now, Friday was a "nice day", quite warm (like 32 degrees I guess, the words "quite warm" are relative), some cloud cover, light winds...

Today (Saturday) has been absolutely Scorchio.


We have been all over today. Shopping in Tescos (wow!), lunch at Leelawadee, then a visit to Phuket Aquarium. I somehow forgot to take my camera, which is normally glued to my body. Our kids love the aquarium, and since I am a (was a) dive instructor and a bit of a fish lover, I enjoy telling them about the different fish. Today the kids were much more studious than normal, taking it one fish at a time rather than racing round the whole aquarium in 3 minutes. We took a walk on the outdoor nature path. HOT! The path takes you past many interesting displays about marine life and plants and leads to the turtle breeding station where you can see baby turtles and adults too. But it was bloomin hot today. We devoured a couple of bottles of cold water from the cafe and headed home.

By the way, I noticed that the aquarium now has an excellent website:

Phuket Aquarium Official Website

Later we took a drive up Rang Hill in Phuket town where locals gather in the evenings for sunsets and romantic moments with a view. Here's my family enjoying the views over Phuket town and Chalong Bay...

Rang Hill View, 26th April

What will the weather bring tomorrow? I reckon Scorchio again, but WindGuru is still forecasting a switch to sustained SW winds around 3rd May.

Get ready to batten down the hatches! Enjoy the sun while you can!

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