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Songkran Tomorrow - but will it be a hot one?

The hot tropical weather has continued for the last few days - heat and some thunder, almost no wind - sea is like a millpond. Temperature around 32 degrees, though it feels hotter. Up in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai is roasting with temperatures of around 37 degrees - no wonder they go bonkers throwing water around for Songkran...

Here in Phuket, the Songkran holiday lasts from the night of the 12th until the 15th. Tomorrow (Sunday 13th) is the traditional Thai New Year (the year only started changing on January 1st in 1940). The tradition of sprinkling water on Buddha images or on your elders has become somewhat different - see Songkran Photos 2007. To really enjoy the day, you need a baking hot day.

Reflections, 12th April

This afternoon has been hot, but it was raining this morning, and indeed when we headed out for a late breakfast there were plenty of grey clouds around. Hopefully we're not in for a rainy Songkran tomorrow. We had some lunch up on Buddha Mountain - great views, small restaurant called Nakkerd Seaview.

Nakkerd Seaview restaurant

Sawadee Pee Mai to everyone!

Songkran Tomorrow - but will it be a hot one?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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