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Why does it always rain on me?

Today was hot from the start, and by late morning the clouds were building, ready for a lunchtime thunderstorm that never came. The sun won today's battle. We never really got far. The heat can make us lethargic... Shopping in the aircon stores... Central Festival... Tesco Lotus... there were several important things to attend to today, and it was too darn hot for the beach. We did order some furniture as we are redesigning the kids bedrooms, and we did get my wife a nice birthday present. We decided we'd spent quite enough money for one day, so dinner was at home. Nothing beats good home cooking :)

Tom Kha Gai, not available in a restaurant

After our early dinner, we decided to take a walk at Bang Wad Reservoir, but literally as we made our decision, the skies started to darken. We raced the clouds towards the reservoir, but as my daughter rightly predicted, the clouds won the race. No after dinner walk for us, then.

Bang Wad Reservoir, 19th April 6:30pm

The scenes reminded me of the Scottish highlands, and a music video I have seen before... On the plus side, it's a fresh night tonight, won't need any aircon :)

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