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Life back to normal

After 2 weeks of a very relaxing holiday, everything is back to normal now. The holiday was just spent decorating the house, "chilling" and enjoying some free time now we have both kids at school. The weekend in Phuket was sunny aside from heavy rain on Saturday night, and (of course) yesterday when I went back to the office, it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Today looked like it would follow suit. Skies were clear at 7am, but by around 8am as we were taking the kids to school dark clouds suddenly appeared in the south of the island - right in my path to Karon Beach. So I got a bit wet on the way, but escaped any heavy rain. Soon brightened up and the afternoon was hot and sunny. I managed a quick stop at Chalong Temple on the way home...

Chalong Temple, 27th May 2008

Wat Chalong Temple, 27th May 2008

As I got home the western sky was orange. We'd have a GREAT view from our house if it weren't for wires. One of my pet hates here in Thailand. Wires everywhere. Not many things annoy me about Thailand. Wires. Still a nice sunset though!

By the way, Happy Birthday to the Phuket Weather Blog. 2 years old on 25th May. On the left side of the page you can find 2 years worth of Phuket weather reports. Surely I'll be No.1 in Google soon?!

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