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Sunshine, Blue Skies, No Tourists

Maybe I am not doing my job well enough.... Spread the word, people! The Phuket Weather Blog tells the truth. It's sunny, it's hot, another beautiful day in Phuket, another beautiful "wet season" day. I can't say it enough times - this is a good time of year to visit Phuket! But it seems the old low season/monsoon myths are still enough to put people off.

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Wednesday was very hot, I was baking by 8:30am standing outside our kids school. Sunny all day, seas calm, ideal for diving, but guess what? Hardly any divers about. If you want uncrowded dive sites and cheap hotels, get thee to Phuket now!

Thursday was almost as hot, but there was some more cloud cover. Today is more bearably hot, quite a bit of cloud around, no doubt waiting for my day off tomorrow to dump some rain (some typical British pessimism for you there). I stopped at Kata Beach this morning...

Kata Beach 30th May

Kata Beach 30th May

Sunshine, Blue Skies, No Tourists  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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