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The weekend weather in Phuket has been typical "bits 'n' pieces" weather. Sure this is the low season, aka the "wet" season, but as this weather blog shows, the low season is quite nice most of the time actually. Friday started bright, and was already feeling hot when we dropped the kids at school around 8am. In the middle of the day, as my wife and I enjoyed lunch at the Zen Japanese restaurant in Central Festival Mall, the rain fell in buckets for about an hour. By the time we'd eaten and were heading home, the sun had dried up all the rain (and Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again).

I like to see "back up" for my weather reports, lest some people may think I am not telling the truth about the weather (you know, the sun always shines in Phuket!) - on this thread on the Scubaboard forum (where you may find me under the name Batfish), a board member says it was sunny and the sea was like a "mill pond" on Friday. He probably did not get the rain, as if diving offshore you often miss the rain that falls on the mainland.

Saturday was a nice sunny day and we did very little! Sometimes nice to have a day at home with the family. Little boy was tired after his first full week of school, and we'd had a birthday party on Friday evening, so we all had a rest. The late afternoon sun tempted us out for a bit of fresh air, and we took a walk at Bang Wad Reservoir. On Saturday night heavy rain hammered down for several hours and lighter rain continued until morning. Hah! Let it rain at night, see if I care!

Today the sky cleared up around midday, so we took a little drive around in the afternoon, had some lunch at Pak Nam Seafood again and then drove around Sirey Island to the east of Phuket Town. I took a few pictures...

Blue Skies over Phuket, 25th May

Fishing, Koh Sirey, 25th May

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