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Hello Mr Blue Sky - Sunny again in Phuket

As I kind of predicted a few days ago... the rainy weather only lasted a few days. Friday was dry and warm, Saturday was dry and hot, today (Sunday) has been HOT. Damn, it's still hot at 10pm. Praise the Lord for air con!

Today has been a totally relaxing day off. No work, no worries, sunshine, blue skies, kids having fun, cold beers with friends... We stayed at Paradise Beach most of the day - it's a small beach near Patong and it is very nice indeed. They have a small restaurant, food is good and inexpensive, beers are cold, you are on the beach with no road, no loud music, no hassles... go! See here: Paradise Beach.

Photos from today. I love the low season. I will say no more.

Paradise Beach  Trees and Sky, 15th June

Paradise Beach, 15th June

No, I will say this. Again. Phuket in the low season is great. Weather is normally superb, you might get some rain, bad luck if you do, please don't cry. I hope this blog serves to demonstrate what the weather is really like. Keep watching. Oh, and check for Phuket hotel bargains. Low season prices are sometimes a little nutty.

Hello Mr Blue Sky - Sunny again in Phuket  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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