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Isolated Showers

I want to discuss the topic of isolated showers. Today in Phuket has been a rainy day... but I have not been in the rain, indeed things have stayed sunny pretty much all day for me. The rain here does not tend to blanket the entire land in a grey shroud (like England). We get isolated showers. My wife just called me and said it had been bucketing down at home (only about 10km as the crow flies, or 18km as the bike rides). Not rained here in Karon Beach.

My wife picked me up for lunch today. We all drove from Karon to Kan Eang 2 Seafood at Chalong Bay (only 10 minutes away). A peaceful place by the water, but we could see dark clouds approaching from the southwest and we were pretty sure it would reach us. But no, the clouds skitted off to the south across the bay...

Dark clouds approaching Chalong Bay
The dark clouds approached.. would we get wet?

Isolated shower
No! The rain fell on Koh Lon island across the bay

The last 2 days have also been mostly dry and sunny, but rain is forecasted for the coming week. Let's see where it falls...

I just found last week that all photos that have been uploaded to my blogs have their own pages on Google's Picasa Web Albums - so here's the Phuket Weather Photo Album.

Oh, and if you have time, please give the Phuket Weather Blog a nice big high score on the Top 100 Thailand Blogs... you'll find it somewhere around number 30 at the moment.

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