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I woke this morning with that song in my head "When I look at you, I know it's gonna be, a lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay", by Bill Withers. It certainly is. We've had several more this week too. Low season? Pah!

Sorry for not writing the weather blog daily, it's just I hate to write snippets like "sunny, 34 degrees". That's not a blog post. However.... you can now find me on Twitter - which is a "Social networking and microblogging service". Micro blogging! Ah, that's what it is when you write "hot today, I'm going for lunch". I can't possibly add that to a blog, but Twitter is the place for it. There's a little Twitter box on the left side of the blog with "micro updates". For more, you can join Twitter and then choose to follow me - username "jamiemonk" - My Twitter Page.

So from Twitter we can see that June 16th was "roasting hot by 8am. Typical low season weather." and yesterday (when I also did not blog) was "A hazy, warm day." (with no rain, I might add).

Today I did manage a stop at Karon beach and took a few photos too...

Karon Beach Fisherman

Fishing at Karon beach

Aside from the fishermen there were very few people around - mind you, it was 9am... Water still quite wavy, which is normal in low season. Might be no rain, but waves are coming from across the Indian ocean due to the monsoon winds which blow from the southwest. The beach had a lot of flotsam (polite word for marine garbage). Not sure if anyone cleans the beaches daily at this time of year. Someone had made a kind of beach art from washed up sandals and flip flops....

Sandal Beach Art, Karon Beach, 19th June

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