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Phuket Weather Update June 2008

I do hate to leave the weather blog for more than a few days, but please don't think I have been malingering. No, just working hard on a new website, lacking the time to get out and take photos. Once I get in the groove on Dreamweaver it's hard to stop.

Yes I guess I could post quickfire updates like "June 2nd 2008, Mostly sunny, warm, nice", but that is not the way things are done around here. That's boring! In fact the last few days have all been mostly sunny, hot/warm depending on your tolerances, a few drops of rain here and there.. I think Tuesday had a light sprinkling of rain, but on Tuesday night the sky was so clear. The stars were bright and twinkling. The clear skies mean we cool down a bit at night, cool enough to leave a covering of dew on everything. As it's humid here at this time of year, the dew point is high, around 24 - 25 degrees C.

Leaf covered in dew drops
(above) Dew covered leaf in my garden this morning

Normally I will go with my wife and kids to school in the morning, its on the way to work anyway, and it's nice to "see them off", but this morning, as it was such a beautiful clear fresh morning, I wanted to take some photos. I headed to King Rama IX Park in Phuket Town, also called Suan Luang park. It's a big park on the west side of town, and if memory serves, I have never looked around before, but surely will again - I need the exercise! There were joggers, people playing badminton, football, exercising... It's a very nice park, very green, with paths everywhere. I walked for half an hour and did not see the whole park. Would be a good place to take the kids for a walk in the evening and burn off some of their energy that seems to be reserved for playing around at bedtime!

Suan Luang Park in Phuket
View across one of the lakes in the park

Exercise in the park, Phuket, 5th June 2008
One of the many people exercising in the park

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