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Sneaky Weather

I changed my day off this week to Sunday, but the weather Gods seem to enjoy a laugh and waited until Sunday morning to send bucketfulls of rain our way. My normal day off, Saturday, was of course a beautiful sunny day. I could see that through the giant window of the dive center. But anyway, our new website is making good progress... Friday had seen a few drips of rain here and there. The morning was nice enough. I had to make my 90 day reporting at Phuket Immigration and will be back there again this week to renew my visa.

Sky on Sunday morning

So, Sunday we had planned for the beach, or maybe the kid playground at Loma Park in Patong, but the rain fell most of the day. We whiled away the hours with pizza and shopping, then some sun appeared and we all went for a walk and play at Suan Luang Park where I had just been on Thursday (see: Suan Luang Park, Phuket Town). We all agreed it's a nice place. Was buzzing with people on Sunday afternoon, jogging, walking, eating. Lots of grassy areas for the kids to run around, a kids playground and stalls selling snacks. We like the park.

My kids walking in the park

Snacks at the park

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