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Wet days. OK, so it's not always sunny!

I was chatting with some customers today and the conversation revealed the nature of the weather in Phuket. Rain can be very isolated. On Sunday they had been at Karon Beach and had no rain. We had rain half the day around Kathu/Phuket Town, just 10km away as the crow flies. Sunday was a hint of what was to come...

Had to leave the bike at home a couple of times this week and take the car, we've had some wet days, plenty of grey skies. But now on Thursday evening I feel in my bones that the good weather will be back tomorrow. My little boy has got sick, probably due to the sudden change from gorgeous to damp weather. He already missed 2 days of kindergarten and will not be going tomorrow either. I hope the sun will come out and make him feel better.

Better on the Gulf Coast? Well, at this time of year you expect "statisically" better weather in the gulf of Thailand compared to the Andaman coast. But the weather is a funny old beast. You can't tame it. You can't trust statistics. You can check the weather in Koh Samui on Camille's Samui Weather Blog, and for the last few days, sounds about the same as Phuket! Tuesday in Samui was "a dull and grey day with rain or drizzle all day long, it looked more like a monsoon day than a June day. Very untypical for this time of the year". And the day before - "from roughly 9 am to noon it rained heavily with thunder and lightning. In the afternoon the sun eventually peeked through a few times but last night around 3 am it started all over again, including the thunder and lightning".

So, sorry and bad luck if you came on holiday this week! Let's hope for some sun again soon. Not sure about tomorrow... the wind is quite blustery at the moment, might be a bit more rain to come. So let's hope for a sunny weekend!

Meanwhile, at Euro 2008, who cares. Whatever. I'll watch the final if Holland make it, as I have a few Dutch friends here, otherwise, gardening.

Wet days. OK, so it's not always sunny!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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