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I am praying for sun...

We have a party for my daughter's 7th birthday tomorrow. Rain is not invited. Sunshine very welcome. It's now Friday afternoon and things are calming down. Sun is trying to shine. I am hopeful...

Last couple of days have been wet and windy indeed. Aside from the landslide mentioned in the last post, there have been traffic delays due to flooded roads and a fishing boat sank yesterday near Koh Racha Yai (a small island about 15km south of Phuket). All sounds very dramatic, but it's nothing serious. We do get some cr*ppy days in the low season now and then, but Phuket does not get big storms or typhoons or anything like that. Just a bit of cats 'n' dogs once in a while :)

Sunken fishing boat off Racha Yai

• Fishing Boat Sinks - Story in Phuket Gazette

Traffic held up by minor floods on the Phuket airport road

• Floods Cause Traffic Hold Ups - Story in Phuket Gazette

But as I say... looks like we might just get our Sunny Saturday. Please everyone do a sun dance for me!

Even if sunny, looks like there will be some surf - great for the Kalim Surf Contest which has 150 entrants and takes place from today until Sunday (18th - 20th July). For more see

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